Intruction of Adhesive Strength Test - How Stick Do We Need the Tape to Be | Top-Quality Car Wrapping Vinyl for Ultimate Vehicle Customization and Protection

Adhesive Strength Test | High-quality laminate film for signage

Intruction of Adhesive Strength Test - How Stick Do We Need the Tape to Be

Adhesive Strength Test
Adhesive Strength Test

Adhesive Strength Test

Loop Tack Test

Several methods are used to measure the tackiness of pressure sensitive adhesives attached to films, labels, stickers, and tapes. These include loop tests and 90º and 180º peel tests. In the loop test, a loop of adhesive tape attached to the probe of the testing machine makes contact with a horizontal surface and is pulled away after a short time. This measures the maximum force needed to peel off the tape from the substrate. In the 90º peel test, the adhesive tape is attached to a horizontal plate with the other end sticking up perpendicularly, forming an “L” shape. In the 180º peel test, the adhesive tape is placed vertically between the peel test grips with the free end of the tape gripped by the top forming a tight “U” shape. The 90º and 180º peel adhesion tests measure the constant force required to peel off the tape rather than the maximum force. The 90º peel adhesion test normally gives a lower value than the 180º peel adhesion test.

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Intruction of Adhesive Strength Test - How Stick Do We Need the Tape to Be | Premium Color Vinyl for Vibrant Designs and Durable Applications

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