New Paint Protection is Under Developing | Calendered Vinyl (PVC) Films Manufacturer | Celadon Tech

New Paint Protection is Under Developing | Celadon Technologies: Pioneering the Future of Adhesive Composite Film Materials

New Paint Protection is Under Developing

2019/03/13 Celadon Tech - RD

Other than PPF TPU film, Celadon is developing a PVC PPF.

Yellowish and super expensive TPU film seems always the disadvantage of TPU. In the same unit amount, TPU might has 3 times higher cost than other material.

Our work is to find a compromise approach to lower the cost and remain the performance of durability in the same time.

We are just phase in the engineering sample verification stage. we are looking forward to this cutting age material.

New Paint Protection is Under Developing | Made in Taiwan Colored Vinyl (PVC) Films and Sheets Manufacturer | Celadon Tech

Located in Taiwan since 2007, Celadon Technology Company Ltd. has been a film coating ( PVC, PET, paper, textile) manufacturer. Their main PVC products, include Color Vinyl, Laminate Film, Double Coated Tape, Industry Tape, CAD/CAM Film, Car Wrapping Vinyl, Glitter Paper, Adhesive Transfer Tape and Sandblast Resistant Tape, which are 100% looks like marble, easy maintenance and up to 300% cost saving.

ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 certified film supplies with thick coating technology that could coat up to 0.17mm and still maintain its stable, reliable quality. Partial Control Technology has allowed us to deliver coating solutions to RFID, solar panel, marine and car wrap sectors. As well as vinyl and decorative films for semiconductor industry's CMP pad, heavy duty and extreme condition outdoor sport adhesions.

Celadon Tech has been providing Vinyl (PVC) films and tapes to clients, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, Celadon Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.

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