PP Polypropylene Anti-scratch wood board is complete the lab sample | High-Quality Color Vinyl for Vibrant Signage and Decorative Applications

PP anti-scratch wooden bord | Best color vinyl for automotive wrapping

PP Polypropylene Anti-scratch wood board is complete the lab sample

2019/10/1 Celadon Tech -RD
PP anti-scratch wooden bord
PP anti-scratch wooden bord

As an extension of the UV board, this time we focus on the development of environmentally friendly materials.
In addition to the original scratch-resistant effect, the PP version offers users more environmentally friendly options.

So, what kind of material is PP? It is a very common material for food utensils. It can be made into an opaque or translucent container. It has a stable nature and high-temperature resistance of 100-120 degrees. Compared with other plastic materials (PVC, PET, PE⋯⋯) polypropylene. It is more suitable for food, so it is also a relatively safe food-grade plastic material. Generally, when purchasing a plastic water bottle, it is usually recommended to use the No. 5 plastic PP material.
Not only food utensils, but also for industrial applications, polypropylene PP is widely used. Because of its various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion, mechanical properties, flexibility, and resistance to breakage, it is often used as a variety of Engineering plastics. Plastic banknotes used in some countries also use polypropylene PP as the main material, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Canada and so on.
There are many kinds of PP materials around us. In the automotive industry, polypropylene PP is also a very common material. For example, auto bumpers, air force reformers, air force chins, etc., are also made of PP. Besides, most of the general locomotive pedals also use PP plastic, because PP has better elasticity and can withstand a certain degree of deformation in the event of a collision without direct damage.

In addition to material breakthroughs, we also develop decorative technology versions of antibacterial, anti-mildew and formaldehyde adsorption functions.


PP Polypropylene Anti-scratch wood board is complete the lab sample | Durable Laminate Films: Enhance and Protect Your Prints

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