Glitter Paper | Industrial-Grade Double Coated Tape for Strong Adhesion

Celadon Technologies: Pioneering the Future of Adhesive Composite Film Materials

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  • Decorative Film
    Decorative Film

    You can also use these films to brighten up those bare corners, such as dull elevator spaces? Celadon's decorative film can be applied to all kinds of floors, walls, windows and even ceilings, whether the surface is flat, concave or convex. You can even have pictures or photographs printed on your films to create extraordinary effects or incredible optical illusions or stationery usage. Our films are available in various colors or in textured finishes like brushed, frosted, chromed, dusted, wood, carbon, orange skin... Anything is possible!

  • Glitter Paper Cardstock
    Glitter Paper Cardstock

    Celadon Glitter Paper is made via coating process, the glitter powder will not fall off even rubbing it. Our glitter cardstock designed for handicraft, DIY, festive decoration, cake decoration. In addition, ir is easy cutting, lettering and other craft processing. For custom user, we can also adjust the powder size or color to fulfill all kinds of the demand. With Celadon Partial Control Tech, we can offer a stable quality and excellent performance for mass production.

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Glitter Paper | High-Quality Color Vinyl for Vibrant Signage and Decorative Applications

Celadon Technology Company Ltd., established in 2007, is a leading ISO-certified manufacturer specializing in high-quality self-adhesive films and precision-coated products. With over a decade of experience, Celadon excels in producing Glitter Paper, Color Vinyl, Laminate Film, Double-Coated Tape, and CAD/CAM Film, serving diverse industries such as automotive, digital printing, and signage. Their commitment to innovation, quality control, and customer satisfaction positions them as a global leader in adhesive and coating solutions, offering customized products that meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

Celadon Technology Company Ltd. offers unparalleled services in precision coating and adhesive product solutions. Their expert team is committed to delivering innovative services across industries, focusing on customer needs and ensuring quality at every stage. From consultation to custom product development, they provide comprehensive support to ensure their clients achieve their goals with the best in class adhesive and coating technologies.

Celadon Tech has been providing customers with premium color vinyl for automotive wrapping, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, Celadon Tech ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

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