Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC | Top-Quality Car Wrapping Vinyl for Ultimate Vehicle Customization and Protection

Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC | High-quality laminate film for signage

Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC

Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC
Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC

Cast PVC

The term “cast” refers to the manufacturing process of cast PVC. Cast PVC is produced by first dissolving the PVC, plasticizer, and colorant using a solvent. Consequently, a thin film of the liquid mixture will then be poured onto a casting sheet. After that, it will be dried and cured in a series of ovens at a high temperature, producing a flexible film with a smooth finish. The casting sheet determines the texture of the surface of the film.

Because the temperature used during drying and curing processes is higher than that used in applications of the final product, cast PVC can withstand distortion, degeneration, warping, or degradation due to heat. It also has high dimensional stability since no pressure is applied during the production process. In addition, cast PVC is thinner, softer, and more flexible than calendered PVC, making them suitable for use in complex applications such as vehicle wrapping. Films produced by casting can last up to 12 years. However, casting is not suitable for large-scale production because of its high production cost; it also cannot produce wide-width films.

Calendered PVC

Matt Opaque Color Vinyl for Car Wrapping

Calendered PVC is created by melting the PVC, plasticizer, and colorant altogether. The molten materials then are pressed by calendering rollers to achieve the desired width, thickness, and surface finish of the film. Calendered PVC is thinner and less resilient than cast PVC, but calendered PVC is suitable for many applications. It is usually used for short to medium-term applications that do not require conforming around complex surfaces such as point-of-purchase displays, window graphics, and partial wraps. The production cost of calendered PVC is lower than that of cast PVC because solvent and molds are not needed in manufacturing. Its service life usually lasts from two to seven years depending on the type of plasticizer used.


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Cast PVC vs. Calendered PVC | Premium Color Vinyl for Vibrant Designs and Durable Applications

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