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Core Capability

Special Coating Technique and Skill

Celadon Core Capability
Celadon Core Capability

Thick Coating Technology
With years of experience, Celadon Tech develop a special coating skill that not other can beat it. We can coat up to 0.17mm and still maintain its stable, reliable quality. When we coat the thickness like this, it's just like rolling up a super soft pudding by a crane and it can not be damaged or squeezed. In order to achieve economic scale mass production, our Thick Coating Technology will be the best solution!
For some special industry will need such technic, such as semiconductor industry's CMP pad, industrial use heavy duty adhesive solution, extreme condition outdoor sport adhesive solution.

Partial Control Technology
Partial it one of the worst nightmares in the coating industry. It will make the entire finish product generate many bad phenomena, such as, strips or air chamber. Sometimes it will damage the coating machine.
However, we develop a special technic that can allow as to control the stable quality but deliver a excellent performance.
Industry like RFID, solar panel and car wrap business will need this technology.

Core Capability | Top-Quality Car Wrapping Vinyl for Ultimate Vehicle Customization and Protection

Located in Taiwan since 2007, Celadon Technology Company Ltd. is a leading ISO-certified manufacturer of high-quality self-adhesive film products, including color vinyl, laminate film, double-coated tape, and CAD/CAM film. Specializing in solutions for the automotive and printing industries, Celadon combines innovation, expertise, and over a decade of experience to meet diverse customer needs with precision coating technologies.

Celadon Technology Company Ltd. offers unparalleled services in precision coating and adhesive product solutions. Their expert team is committed to delivering innovative services across industries, focusing on customer needs and ensuring quality at every stage. From consultation to custom product development, they provide comprehensive support to ensure their clients achieve their goals with the best in class adhesive and coating technologies.

Celadon Tech has been providing customers with premium color vinyl for automotive wrapping, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, Celadon Tech ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

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