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Celadon Tech is a precision coating manufacture, provide all kinks of adhesion solution with wide range of substrate coating.

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  • Fire Resistant Decorative Film (FRDF)
    Fire Resistant Decorative Film (FRDF)

    Due to the high safety awareness in recent years, while maintaining high quality, high flame resistance, saving labor costs, and reducing material costs, we have developed the thinnest and most vivid flame-resistant materials on the market, and even the 3rd party labs have no flame-resistant test standard for such thin materials. We are using light basis weight paper printed with wood, abstract, and stone designs with synchronized gradational embossing. With innovative products providing a 3D dynamic look with synchronized wood pore design and a natural texture. With the special top layer coating, we can offer excellent functional features. Such as fire-resistant, Scratch and stain-resistant, and for the fire resistance, we can fulfill B grade fire-resistant regulation.

  • Anti-Scratch Piano Paint Polymer Wall Decroation Thine Board (ASPPPB)
    Anti-Scratch Piano Paint Polymer Wall Decroation Thine Board (ASPPPB)

    We use environmentally friendly PP light materials imported from Japan with wood grain and stone. Relying on the printing technology of Japanese craftsman level, the special formula in the surface of Taiwan LCD panel level can provide material characteristics with depth of field and completely mirror surface. With the special top coating, we can provide excellent practical functions. Such as flame resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance and mildew resistance.

  • Anti-Scratch SPC Super Matt Effect Marble Decoration Board
    Anti-Scratch SPC Super Matt Effect Marble Decoration Board

    Celadon Super Matt Decroaton Board is a 121cm*242cm*3mm board (20kg/pcs) with several industry-leading features. Made by SPC board(Stone & Plastic Composite), which means it is a moisture-proof, insect-proof, no formaldehyde, subsidence-proof level 1, small expansion rate. With our special super matt surface treatment, Celadon Super Matt Decroaton Board offers 3% glossness(printing paper has 5%) and provide us a silk alike taxture. In addition, all products on the market are very easy to get stuck the dirt in the matt pattern. We develop a smooth matte technology that makes the surface less prone to dirt. For the insatilation, unlike real stone board or wood board, it require very much labor hours without any extra on site processing. With our product, it can be complete within minutes. Finally, all our decoration board will go though optical, printing, demission stability. So, we are confident that all of our product can fulfill your demand.

  • Anti-Scratch SPC Mirror Effect Marble Decoration Board
    Anti-Scratch SPC Mirror Effect Marble Decoration Board

    Celadon Anti-scratch Mirror Effect Marble Board has the best anti-scratch and mirror like performance than any other on the market. The gloss and texture never fade away. With its special surface treatment, it can reach up to 3H hardness with an excellent glossy texture, we can finally no need to polish the surface frequently. Moreover, unlike the fragile marble, it has excellent chemical resistance ability, user can easily remove stains from the surface. If not, user apply any kind of detergent they like. The cutting age design also provide user very easy to install. Woodworking saw table or cutting machine plus universal glue or industrial grade double-sided tape can be complete the work. User can significantly reduce decorating costs, labor hour without losing original stone texture and quality. In fact, it is better than before.

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Over 12 Years of Calendered Vinyl Film Precision Coating | Surface Treatment & Adhesive Solutions Supply| Celadon Tech

Located in Taiwan, Celadon Technology Company Ltd., since 2007, is a film coating ( PVC, PET, paper, textile) manufacturer. Main product, including Architecture Material, UV Tech Board, which is 100% looks like marble, 100% easier installation and maintenance, up to 300% cost saving. In addition to high-quality self adhesive vinyl product line, metallic film, glitter film, chrome film and so forth.

ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 certified film supplies with thick coating technology that could coat up to 0.17mm and still maintain its stable, reliable quality. Partial Control Technology has allowed us to deliver coating solutions to RFID, solar panel, marine and car wrap sectors. As well as vinyl and decorative films for semiconductor industry's CMP pad, heavy duty and extreme condition outdoor sport adhesions.

Celadon Tech has been providing vinyl films, decorative films and industrial tapes to clients, both with advanced technology and 12 years of experience, Celadon Tech ensures each customer's demands are met.

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