Monomeric, Polymeric vinyl which one better?

Monomeric, Polymeric vinyl which one better?

Monomeric, Polymeric vinyl which one better?

Monomeric, Polymeric vinyl which one better?
Monomeric, Polymeric vinyl which one better?

Monomeric PVC vs. Polymeric PVC

A plasticizer is an additive used in the calendering process. It is a substance that reduces brittleness and promotes flexibility and plasticity of PVC films. The migration of the plasticizer in the film is the major concern in choosing which plasticizer to use. If the plasticizer stays in the film longer, problems such as cracking, splitting, and poor adhesion of ink or glue will be less likely to occur. The difference between the two types of plasticizers used, monomeric and polymeric plasticizers, are discussed below.

Monomeric PVC

Monomeric PVC uses plasticizers with low molecule size. These short-chained plasticizers exhibit more molecular migration. This means that the plasticizer has a greater possibility of migrating out of the film when exposed to tough conditions; this makes the PVC film brittle and inflexible, and it will eventually shrink. This type of film has a thickness ranging from 70 microns to 80 microns. It is best used for indoor, smooth, and flat applications such as promotional signage, stickers, and exhibitions. It can be used for short-term outdoor applications and typically lasts for two to five years.


Polymeric PVC

Unlike monomeric PVC, polymeric PVC uses plasticizers with large molecule size. These long-chained molecules allow efficient binding of the plasticizer into the film; this reduces the chance of molecular migration. This kind of film is produced 60 microns to 80 microns thick. Generally, it is softer and more flexible than monomeric PVC, thus, it is less likely to shrink and can be used in applications with mild curves. Because of its durability, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Its lifespan could be five to seven years.

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