Product Name : Anti-Scratch Mirror Effect Marble Board - High Gloss UV Coated Board
Product Description

Feature and usage:

  • Absolutely mirror like glossy texture.
  • Excellent Anti-scratch ability, up to 4H.
  • Excellent Chemical resistance, easy to clean it with alcohol or general household cleaners.
  • Substitute for heavy, expensive stone board.
Product Introduction
  • Product Description
    Are you still being overwhelmed by the decoration costs or the poor quality plastic substitute of the building materials?
    Celadon Anti-scratch Mirror Effect Marble Board TM has the best anti-scratch and mirror like performance than any other on the market. The gloss and texture never fade away. With its special surface treatment, it can reach up to 4H hardness with a excellent glossy texture, we can finally no need to polish the surface frequently. Moreover, it also has a excellent chemical resistance ability, user can easily remove stains from the surface. If not, user apply any kind of detergent they like.
    User can significantly reduce decorating costs without losing original stone texture, it even has a stone like tactile.
  • Size
    121.2cm, 242.4cm, 3mm
  • Weight
    20 kg
  • Texture
    Matt available
  • Color
    12 patterns and increasing, customizing pattern is available